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DO YOU OFFER BEGINNER POLE CLASSES? For absolute first time beginners we recommend booking one of our Intro to Pole classes! You may attend any of our other scheduled classes after attending an Intro class - unless otherwise specified in description. During a typical class, we will cover warm up, 1 on 1 training, instructor demonstrations, and a cool down stretch. Please discuss any needs or concerns with your instructor prior to class starting.

ARE YOUR YOGA CLASSES SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS? All our Yoga classes are conducted by a certified yoga instructor, and are open to all levels of fitness including beginners. Our yoga classes are unique because class sizes are kept small - this enables our instructor to provide custom content to suit individuals. Please discuss any needs or concerns with your instructor prior to class starting.

WHAT ARE CORE CLASSES? Engagement of the correct muscles groups and proper form are essential to reduce the risk of sports related injury's. Our core classes are designed to address these issues and compliment our pole classes. Your instructor will provide various exercises & techniques to condition the primary (or core) muscle groups used in pole fitness. Regular attendance will also contribute towards an increase of stamina and overall body strength. You do not need to be a pole student to benefit, and anyone can attend without prior experience. Due to the intensity of these classes however, we do advise that first time attenders (or beginners) allow 2-3 days recovery/rest between training sessions or classes. Please discuss any needs or concerns with your instructor prior to class starting.

CAN I JUST COME IN TO PRACTICE? Practice/Open studio sessions are offered to allow students to perform self directed practice and use our studio facilities/equipment. No instruction is provided, however an instructor will be present to supervise. Prior experience is strongly encouraged prior to booking this type of training session. We also offer Private Hire for those wanting to come in and practice by themselves without others present.

DO YOU OFFER SERVICES FOR INDIVIDUALS/GROUP EVENTS? Private hire covers any use of our facilities which are not open for the public to book or participate in. We offer private 1 on 1 lessons, small groups up to 5, or large groups up to 11. Our studio has 12 poles, with 1 reserved for your instructor. For this reason, we do not recommend booking groups larger than 11 persons unless group members are willing to spectate or share their pole for part of the lesson. For health and safety reasons, our maximum occupancy for private events is strictly 24 persons total. If your group size is 11 or smaller, please book online. If your group size is more than 11, please contact us prior to booking to discuss details. If you are considering booking a private group lesson for any event, we have compiled a separate "Private Bookings - FAQ" section. To ensure the best experience possible, please review this information with your group prior to attending.


HOW MUCH ARE CLASSES? Our full price list is provided here:

DO YOU OFFER ANY DISCOUNTS FOR REGULARS? If you wish to attend more than ONCE per month, you will save money with a membership! Membership info & pricing is provided here:


DO I HAVE TO BOOK BEFORE ATTENDING? All classes and lessons require a reservation & pre-payment. Please book & pay on our website:  [or via the Mindbody App]

WHAT IF I CAN'T ATTEND A CLASS I HAVE BOOKED? If you are unable to attend, you must provide 12 hours notice or you will automatically forfeit your class credit. This is enforced as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow students to prevent short-notice class cancellations.

CAN I RESCHEDULE MY VISIT? You must provide 12 hours notice to qualify for rescheduling, otherwise you will automatically forfeit your class credit. This is enforced as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow students to prevent short-notice class cancellations.


ARE THERE ANY FITNESS OR HEALTH REQUIREMENTS? You do not need to be flexible or fit to participate. Those with medical conditions or other health restrictions should consult with their physician prior to registering for a class and inform their instructor prior to participation to avoid disappointment. Please discuss any needs or concerns with your instructor prior to class starting.

CAN I PARTICIPATE IF I AM PREGNANT? Pole fitness can be a high-intensity sport. For this reason, we do not allow new students to begin taking pole classes with us if pregnant. If you; 1) have previous experience and become pregnant/are planning a pregnancy, 2) are less than 8 weeks post-partum, 3) have had recent surgery, or an existing injury, it is important to consult with your physician prior to continuing any training in pole or fitness, and we may require a medical certificate.

ARE THERE ANY AGE RESTRICTIONS? If you appear to be under 18, you may be asked for valid Photo ID. If you are under 18, It is crucial that you contact us prior to making any bookings to discuss requirements. Always ensure you have the consent of your parent or guardian prior to contacting us. In addition to applicable restrictions, your legal Parent or Guardian must be PRESENT with you to sign a waiver on your behalf prior to any participation.


WHERE ARE YOU LOCATED? We are located at 47 Gregory Street, Mackay QLD. Street parking available.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Please bring sufficient water for yourself to stay hydrated. Students are permitted to bring their own yoga mats/gym towels IF desired, however this is not required. We provide mats, cleaning cloths, and disinfectant - please use these for wiping down your equipment and mats before and after use.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? We recommend wearing a sleeveless top, and gym shorts. Tights are not recommended for most pole classes as you need your legs exposed to grip to the pole. Feel free to wear your gym attire underneath clothing for the warm-up portion of class. Clothing with metal embellishments, rings, bracelets, and anklets are prohibited to be worn during class as they damage our poles and can be hazardous to the wearer. For your own safety, refrain from using oily moisturizers on the day of your class.


MAY I BRING MY KIDS WITH ME TO CLASS? We do not provide child minding or creche services, and strongly recommend that students seek all alternative childcare options. Occasionally, exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis IF written consent is provided by Management.  Any allowances to bring children along should be considered as a TEMPORARY arrangement, and remains at our sole discretion to revoke at anytime. For more information or to request a temporary exception please email "".

HOW TO I CANCEL A MEMBERSHIP? To cancel a membership, you must have fulfilled all contract obligations and provide 30 days written notice.  To provide notice please email "" - Once we have received your request, we will email you with an official confirmation receipt and provide details.

Our studio's rules are available HERE. Terms & Conditions are available HERE.

Common Myths!

We've put together a few common statements and misconceptions we hear people make about Pole Fitness..

"I'm Not [INSERT REASON] enough"
You do not need to be fit or flexible to start! Fitness and Coordination are RESULTS achieved progressively through lessons. Our beginner curriculum is designed for absolute beginners who have never done pole before. In fact, some of our students and instructors had NO fitness background or special training prior to starting!

"I need to loose weight first" or "I am too self-conscious and shy.."

It is completely normal to feel this way, but don't let this stop you from giving it a try! Students often comment how much confidence they have gained since they first started! You don't need to be outgoing, or have any specific body type to start. When attending your first class, make sure to book "Intro to Pole" so you can be among other new-comers!

"I'm too Old" or "Pole Dancing is too feminine"
On the contrary! Pole fitness is becoming increasingly popular as a fitness alternative for all sorts of people. Pole-sport competitions are held around the world for Men, Women, Seniors, Juniors, and there are even Para-pole divisions! We do not exclude anybody from our public classes, provided they meet age/health restrictions and follow our studio rules & guidelines.

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