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• You must read, understand, and agree to our terms and conditions provided here.

• Our cancellation policy is clearly disclosed on our
booking site, terms and conditions, and confirmation emails.

 We are open by Appointment only, any posted trading hours are subject to change without notice

• You must pre-pay for all services and products.  

• Our services and classes are subject to Instructor availability, and current demand.

• We reserve the right to cancel classes that are regularly scheduled for any reason.

• Only those with a booking will be notified of changes/cancellations.

• Please ensure you have booked online before attending

- You can book up to 5 minutes prior to class start time.

• Walk-in’s are NOT guaranteed a spot will be available and must pay cash only.
- We do not have an EFTPOS machine at the studio.

• Please do not arrive earlier than 15 minutes prior to your booking.
- Entering earlier than our scheduled opening times may interrupt others!
- Please wait outside unless arranged otherwise with an instructor.


• If you use it – Clean It!

• If you move it – Put it Back!

• If someone needs it - Share it!

Jewellery and clothing with metal embellishments are prohibited while using equipment. 

• If you are asked to provide or complete any documents, this must be done prior to participating.

• The front door MUST BE UNLOCKED while occupied by guests & students.
- Locking these doors during use by students and guests is a direct violation of fire safety codes.

• No spectators are permitted to observe our classes, registered students and instructors only.
- Only Parent/Guardians are permitted to observe classes for minors under 18 if consent granted by an Instructor or Management.

• Our classes are intended for ADULTS; however, minors may attend with parent/guardian's consent.
- Parent guardians MUST be present for the first visit and complete forms on behalf of minors.

• Limit of 1 person per piece of equipment at all times.
- Exception: Instructor has granted permission for special co-op training. (Double’s, etc)

• If training above 1 metre or high risk manoeuvres, please use a crash mat.
- If you require more time training with a mat, we offer private services which allow you exclusive access to all equipment.

• If all crash mats are in use, please inform your instructor to be wait-listed.
- Mats are to be cleaned between individual use.

• Use of crash mats are strictly limited to 10 minutes
 per person.
- Exception: There are still matts available to use, or mat is not in demand you may continue using it - please check with instructor.

• The wearing of heels is PROHIBITED IF USING A MAT. 
- This will damage our mats and you will be liable for costs involved to replace ($400+)

CARE for our equipment and look after it as if it were your own!
- Our equipment is expensive, and can be very hard to replace.
- We may not be able to replace damaged items as a result of undue care by those who use it.

- Any damages must be reported to management, please email "". 

• We NEVER require students to wear heels or any specific type of footwear - doing so is at your own risk.
• Wearing heels carries a much greater risk of injury.

• If choosing to leave behind your heels, you must attach a tag clearly displaying your full name and contact number.
- Heels left behind with no tag info are considered as lost/unclaimed property

• We are not responsible or liable for any personal items you bring to our premise.
- To prevent loss or theft, please do not bring valuable items with you to class.
- We have a robo vac run daily which may damage items (or our vac) if left behind after class.

• Please check the lost property box if you are missing any items.

• Uncollected property will be donated/discarded after 3 Months.

- If the missing item in question is VALUABLE to you, please contact management ASAP to notify.
- We will do our best to locate & secure the item until collection can be arranged.

• This is strongly discouraged as we do not have child minding facilities and space is limited.
- We may permit this on a case-by-case basis for those who have unforeseen or extenuating circumstances.
- Any allowances made should not to be considered as a permanent or ongoing arrangement.

• You MUST contact management prior to doing so, even if your instructor has advised it is OK.
- If conditionally approved, management will provide further instructions and information.
- Please continue to search for alternative childcare options.

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